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Labyrinths and Rings: Ellen Friis & Henrik Vestergaard Friis
artist chats, djs, relaxing evening
22 July, 2010 00:00
part of project: Labyrinths and Rings

Labyrinths and Rings with Ellen Friis(DK) and Henrik Vestergaard Friis(DK)

Ptarmigan presents the first of it's Labyrinths and Rings programme -  an ongoing series where creative practitioners (artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, or anything else) present their work and engage in a discussion with the audience.

The artists presenting are Ellen Friis and Henrik Friis.  There will also be local djs and themed food and drink (more details to come)

Ellen Friis (1973, Denmark) studied "interdisciplinary art in the public space" at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee, exchanged 2002-2003 to to the Turku Arts academy, interdisciplinary art study, "Crossing Borders". Now living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Investigating topics of time, such as slow motion, backward motion and quantum mechanics in performances and videos shown at various festivals and events in Scandinavia, Poland and Germany. Coming up this fall 2010: Participation in ELLEN by Hotel Pro Forma, a site specific piece where all actors carry the name Ellen. Is now initiating a danish forum "Samtalekøkkenet" for discussions about art, practice and performativity - starting this fall in Copenhagen with 6 foreign and 6 danish artists.

Henrik Friis
Born 1971 in Aalborg, Denmark and holds an MA in Theatre Science from the University of Copenhagen and from the Free University in Berlin.

In Denmark he has worked with Kanonhallen, Erik Pold and in Norway with Balteatret and Verk Production. In 1999 moved he to Berlin, where he has lived and worked since, mainly with artists from Applied Theatre Science in Giessen: Otmar Wagner, Florian Feigl, Dariusz Kostyra, Nino Sandow, Jörn J. Burmester and the groups Elizalde Area Code and Keifer.

 In 2001, he established his own label Zarathustras Onkel in order to do Relationel Theatre. Zarathustras Onkels performances We Come in Peace and Gerüstbauficken has toured quite a lot the last years. Furthermore he has edited an anthology, several articles, and worked as a curator.

Henrik will preent his latest work. Zarathustras Uncle's reconstruction of the danisch Culture Canon. for more info.


8 friis icon
Poster for first Labyrinths and Rings: Henrik and Ellen Friis This poster was created for the first Labyrinths and Rings night by Dagmar Vestergaard Friis, age 4.

   photo by Tara Pattenden
 photo by Tara Pattenden  photo by Tara Pattenden  photo by Tara Pattenden  photo by Tara Pattenden  photo by Tara Pattenden