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About Us

Ptarmigan is a project space that has been operating in Helsinki since July 2009. In the spring of 2011, we opened a second location in the Toompea district of Tallinn's old town

Ptarmigan exists to provide a space for various creative projects, with an emphasis on participatory practices. Things that happen at Ptarmigan might include (but are not limited to) art, sound, film, video, performance and discussion. We try to create unique environments, support collaborative practices and focus specifically on international mobility and unusual educational forms. We are a strictly non-commercial space that looks to the margins for adventurous and challenging scenarios.

Ptarmigan in Estonia attempts to connect with its community in Finland, as well as vice-versa. We are particularly interested in ideas that are directly engaging with an audience while being challenging and innovative, ideally involving some form of participation.We encourage recurring projects, working groups, and regular activities, hoping to connect similar projects on both sides of the sea.

(photos: top: 'Neanderthal Electronics' workshop, March 2010; below L-R: Kiila, February 2010; Natalia Borissova workshop September 2010; 'Drawing' class April 2010; Nuslux July 2009; Usurper installation/residency May 2010; 'Art and Sustainability' workshop January 2010.  All photos by Antti Ahonen.)