Ptarmigan is now closed.

Ptarmigan operated in Tallinn from 2011-2014. This website exists as an archive of its activities during this time. We no longer maintain any presence in Tallinn, but some people involved with Ptarmigan are now operating Temporary in Helsinki.


performance: sound: relational
26 juni 2012 00:00 - 26 juni 2012 00:00 klo 16:00- 18:00

2screwsLoose connect and disconnect.

In a performance that will travel to Helsinki on Tuesday 26th June two individuals will explore connections and disconnections with the use of sound, fabric and the materiality of bodies (in counter to virtual bodily connections).

screwsLoose first connected in Sydney 2008. In early 2012 they renamed themselves 2screwsLoose. Check out:

Join 2screwsLoose at Score Store: Art Kiosk in Katajanokka park in Helsinki at 4pm on Tuesday 26th June for a cup of tea and a chat. 

Photo credit: David Urquhart

Please note: In case of rain this connection may be cancelled or moved elsewhere.